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Enterprise Reporting: LITE

Leading Insight Through Empowerment (LITE) provides a new, simpler way of accessing data on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to LITE?

Georgia Tech users can access LITE Reports at lite.gatech.edu. At this time, the majority of the reports are built for student data. Some of the reports contain sensitive data that require approval by the Registrar due to FERPA Compliance. In order to get access to those reports, please contact the designator in your department.

In July 2019, Financial Reports will roll onto LITE as well in coordination with the Workday Financials implementation. You can learn more about that at transformation.gatech.edu.

What if I can't find the report I want?

Submit a ticket with the EDM team regarding your request. A representative from the Business Intelligence Team will reach out.

Where can I get LITE training?

LITE Documentation can be found on the EDM Knowledgebase. The knowledgebase contains report overviews, data sources, and more.

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