Through active measures such as training, monitoring, and auditing, Georgia Tech must ensure ongoing compliance with external regulations as well as data governance and management policies and procedures.

 Illustration of Compliance: different checklists

DG Compliance


Data Regulation Categorization

The Data Regulation Categorization indicates which, if any, local, USG, state, federal, and international laws or regulations may apply to Organizational Data and Information Systems.

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Regulatory Compliance

Every Data User shares a responsibility of having a general understanding of legal, regulatory, and other specifications surrounding Organizational Data and Information Systems.

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Every data user will receive training on their roles and the larger governance structure, responsibilities, and applicable policies, procedures, and resources.

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A Data Governance Officer will actively monitor compliance with the Data Governance and Management Policy and the corresponding guidelines, procedures, and resources referenced therein.

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Compliance with policies and procedures can be subject of institution, system, or state audit. Georgia Tech must maintain documentation and general evidence that Georgia Tech is in compliance.

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