Data Governance

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What is Data Governance?

Information is a strategic asset of the Institute and is critical to administration, planning, and decision-making. Effective and responsible use of information requires that data is secure, well documented, and accessible for use by authorized, trained personnel.

Data Governance is one facet of Georgia Tech’s overall Technology Governance framework. It is charged with guiding policy and business processes to ensure our data is governed, managed, secured, and compliant.


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Forming a structure of units, positions, and committees to create and execute policy, procedure, and best practices across the Institute.

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Documenting the data systems and elements that are important to the Institute while creating measures to ensure appropriate availability, quality, and retention of those assets.

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Establishing preventative measures to protect systems and information from unauthorized access, compromise, or attack.

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Ensuring active measures are in place to train, monitor, and audit ongoing compliance of Institute, System, state, federal, and international regulation.

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Data is useful. High-quality data that is properly governed, managed, and secured is priceless.

Sandi Bramblett

Assistant Vice President

Georgia Institute of Technology