Data Governance Structure

DG Data Governance Structure


The Georgia Tech data governance structure will assign and monitor accountabilities for Organizational Data to ensure proper use and handling. These accountabilities will be assigned to roles and committees listed in the Data Governance and Management Policy.

The Data Governance Committee is responsible for recommending policy, approving procedures, and providing guidance, direction, and support for data governance, management, security, and compliance efforts. This committee creates and maintains the governance structure and supports the defined roles, committees, and committee membership within the structure.

The Data Management Committee may be formed at a future date, either as a standing committee or one that is formed for targeted efforts. This committee will serve as a collective consciousness and intelligence for Organizational Data that span across Georgia Tech’s Data Domains. This committee will discover, research, and propose solutions for Institute-wide opportunities and issues related to Organizational Data.

The Data Domain and Technology Sub-Committees serve as a collective consciousness and intelligence for Organizational Data, business processes, service delivery, and Information System use within a Data Domain. These committees are responsible for decision making concerning substantive changes to Organizational Data and Information Systems within the Data Domain.

Georgia Tech’s technology governance structure works in close partnership with the data governance structure, providing a balanced focus between technology and data. Key stakeholders (e.g., CIO, CISO, Data Governance Officer) will have standing memberships across both structures to ensure consistent opportunities for collaboration. 

Related Policies

Data Governance and Management Policy

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Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Data Governance and Management Policy


Responsible Data Governance Committee
Data Management Committee
Data Domain & Technology Subcommittees
Accountable Data Owner
Support Data Governance team
Consulted Technology Governance Committee
Informed Data User


The guidelines, procedures, and resources that support the Data Governance and Management Policy refer to responsibilities and intersections with roles and committees within the data governance structure. Please refer to those artifacts for more information on specific procedures.



USG BPM vs Georgia Tech’s data governance structure
USG BPM Section 12 Georgia Tech
Data Governance Committee Data Governance Committee
  Data Management Committee 1
Functional Data Governance Committee Data Domain & Technology Sub-Committees
Technical Data Governance Committee

Technology Governance Committee

Given Georgia Tech’s size and decentralized structure, adding a Data Management Committee layer may help bridge Data Domain & Technology Sub-Committees.

USG BPM vs. Georgia Tech’s roles
USG BPM Section 12 Georgia Tech
Data Owner Data Owner
Data Trustee Data Trustee
  Associate Data Trustee 1
Data Steward Data Steward
Associate Data Steward Associate Data Steward
  System Owner 2
  Technical Manager 2
  Data Administrator 2
Data User Data User

Due to Georgia Tech's size and complexity, adding an Associate Data Trustee will assist in supporting the responsibilities across Data Domains.
It is important to note data governance, management, security, and compliance efforts are a shared responsibility between functional roles that focus on data and technical roles that support the data through technology.

Data Governance Committee Membership
Georgia Tech’s Data Governance Committee formed in August 2019 and is comprised of representatives from each Mission-Critical System and other key stakeholders. This committee will adjust membership and scope over time to align with the USG BPM.
Mission-Critical System or Key Stakeholder representation Member
Banner Student Information System Paul Kohn
Bonnie Ferri
Workday Financials Jim Fortner
PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Kim Harrington
Deltek (GTRI Financials) Kim Toatley
Raj Vuchatu
Contract Information System (OSP) Rebecca Caravati
Faculty and Research Lew Lefton
Rob Butera
Technology Daren Hubbard
Leo Howell
Privacy Sally Robertson
SGA Technology Cy Heffley
Megan Dass
Enterprise Applications & Data Katie Crawford
Data Governance Zachary Hayes (chair)
Data Domain & Technology Sub-Committees
Data Domain Committee(s)
Student SIS Governance (sub-committees include Planning, Technical Advisory)
Finance FIN Governance (sub-committees include Business Owners, System Leads)


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