Data Governance

What is Data Governance?

A set of processes to ensure that data is properly managed by Georgia Tech

  • ONEGT – data that should be managed at the institute level
  • Project/System Specific – data that is not integrated into any other system and should be managed by that system

Who Participates in Data Governance?

Data Trustees - Georgia Tech executive who has authority over policies and procedures regarding business definitions of data, and the access and usage of that data, within their scope of authority. Each Data Trustee appoints Data Steward for their specific Subject Area Domains.

Data Steward - individuals assigned by and accountable to the Data Trustees. Data Stewards help define, implement, and enforce data governance policies including:

  • Identifying Systems of Record containing Institutional Data
  • Categorizing Institutional Data within Systems of Record according to security and privacy guidelines
  • Defining access, quality and usage guidelines for Institutional Data
  • Reviewing and approving requests for access to Institutional Data
  • Documenting and maintaining Institutional Metadata
  • Reviewing reporting requirements and helping to define source data and report functionality

Technical Experts – Technical experts are a number of people in each department that know and understand the data within each system. These people have a duty to keep the Data Steward informed about identified data issues and help in the identification of the proper source tables and fields.

Everyone – Everyone at Georgia Tech has a responsibility to use and manage the data based on defined university policy.